“Space, be it public or private, is before anything, a practiced terrain that appears –is constituted, in action, with individuals and their movements giving it meaning (…)”

– José  Miguel G. Cortés

Regiones Transitorias, is proposed as an investigation consisting of three separate projects: Welcome Home, Tácticas de Identidad (Identity Tactics) and Regiones Transitorias (Transitory Regions).

Together these projects underline a concern that is constant in my work: the processes involved in the creation of territory and its relation to memory and identity, an investigation of our relationship with space and its politization.

Among our defining traits we find the tendency to construct places to call our own, in the process, we mold spaces, define territories. Daily, we skillfully deal with an interminable succession of stratified zones, circumnavigating boundaries and traversing through physical and imaginary borders. Some of these are intimately known others barely intuited, however, always present.

This is how we move within space, extending territories: regions pollinated with values established by us, its users. As a result, we enable places, receptacles of objects and values that govern our exchanges. And it is immersed in this network of reciprocity that we come upon meaning, triggered by the presence of an object or an intention.