Andrés Montes is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist trained in the United States, currently living and working in Madrid, Spain. His creative interests explore the poetics of displacement, investigating concepts such as permanence and the mechanisms utilized to create a place to call our own. Through the exploration of diverse materials and techniques, that range from drawing to installation, sculpture or video, he probes into the representation of strategies for the construction of a place and brings to our attention the fragility of our belongings.

Recently, we saw his work in the solo exhibitions Wordactions at XLArt Gallery in Helsinki, Finland, 2013. Tácticas de Identidad at the Instituto de México of the Mexican Embassy in Spain, 2013. MOTHERLAND at the Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid 2013 and “[T]HERE” at the Midway Studios in Boston, Massachusetts, 2012.

He also participated in the collective exhibitions  Ethnoscapes at the Chashama Studios. New York , NY, USA 2012. Flujos y Nomadismos Art Estação. Rio Grande, Brazil, 2012 as well as the Experimental Performance Festival DIMANCHE ROUGE in Helsinki, Finland, 2013 and INSONORA in Madrid.

He is the Director of Fine Art initiatives for Espacio Naranjo.


Other Selected Work+        Curriculum Vitae+

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