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To Make time (Hacer tiempo), Andrés Montes has intervened CRUCE with the remains of a celebration, the imperceptible marks accumulated on his face, and some self-referential loops which make the personal element disappear, so that we may consider a different time, a collective time. In this manner, everything that will be happening these two months in CRUCE will take place in another place, another moment. And certainly deciding when and where is something that should be of our incumbency, as it is with Andres’ work, as he makes (a) time in which is constructed, poetically, a collective memory.

–Salomé Ramírez and Daniel Lesmes


2 thoughts on “HACER TIEMPO”

    1. Hi Mila! I’m glad you like it. “Matter contemplates matter” is, curiously, the first piece I thought for the exhibition. I wanted with this piece to explore consciousness, and how we come into the idea of being. The idea was to create a “loop”, in which there is a play between the piece and the viewer. When we approach “Matter contemplates matter”, we tend to anthropomorphize the stone that seem to “look” longingly at the mountain in the photo, but if we think about it, the only matter that can contemplate anything is us, the spectator,thus completing the loop, and hopefully, opening a dialogue in which our consciousness becomes clearer.

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