UNA IDEA DE LA HISTORIA (An idea of history)

An Idea of history

January 15th, 2015 – 20:30h. at Cruce Contemporáneo Madrid.

Calle Dr. Fourquet, 5 – Madrid

This past November, Andres Montes begun his intervention at CRUCE with his HACER TIEMPO (Making time).

We would now like to invite you to the annulment of this exhibition on January 15th with the interventions of:

paula, javiera, kendall

Colectivo maDam

Andrés Montes
And the presentation of Menhir, music for the activation of a territory


Intervention based on:

Insert: Draft for an Operating Manual, Score for Choreography, Plan for an Exhibition.

by the Raqs Media Collective http://www.raqsmediacollective.net/
(trad. Elena Blázquez / Andres Montes)

The night was dedicated to the memory of Salomé Ramírez.




November 15th, 2014 – January 17th, 2015.

To Make time (Hacer tiempo), Andrés Montes intervened CRUCE with the remains of a celebration, the imperceptible marks accumulated on his face, and some self-referential loops which make the personal element disappear, so that we may consider a different time, a collective time. In this manner, everything that will be happening these two months in CRUCE will take place in another place, another moment. And certainly deciding when and where is something that should be of our incumbency, as it is with Andres’ work, as he makes (a) time in which is constructed, poetically, a collective memory.

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